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Shyre's I'm In Love
(F) 16 Aug 2016, PR194672/09, b    [Breeding]   [Sibling]

CallName = Friday
Test_Results = VGL-DLA(1001:2001/1016:2014), VGL-STR(IR=-0.09/OI=0.27)
COI10 = 0.5%[10G,7F,1001U,95.5%C]
COI15 = 4.2%[15G,7F,5278U,87.1%C]
Wycliffe = 31.42
OEA = 7.6
MCB = 40.06

Shyre's Sanguine Ashes
26 Sep 2014
PR180129/03 b, Callname=Ashes, Test_Results=VGL-DLA(1001:2001/1004:2002), VGL-STR(IR=0.02/OI=0.37)
Akira's Grand Scheme Of Shyre
08 Oct 2012
PR166089/02 b, Callname=Lennox, Test_Results=Patellas(Normal)[OFA], VGL-DLA(1004:2002/1010:2010), VGL-STR(IR=0.10/OI=0.30) , Sibling_with=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](2), Hips(Good)[OFA](2), LCP(Normal)[OFA](1)
Domtotem Yandex Ru
18 Mar 2008
PR138304/02 s, Callname=Nikolai, Tested_Clear=VWD , Test_Results=Cardiac(Normal)[OFA], Hips(LDI=.44; RDI=.60), VGL-DLA(1004:2002/1008:2005), VGL-STR(IR=-0.01/OI=0.30) , Parent_of=SA, Elbows(Normal)[OFA](2), Hips(Good)[OFA](2), LCP(Normal)[OFA](1), Patellas(Normal)[OFA](1) , Sibling_with=Dentition(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](3)
Domtotem Cheshirskiy Kot
15 Mar 1999
RKF 1002512 s, Parent_of=Cardiac(Normal)[OFA](1), Dentition(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](3), Hips(LDI=.44; RDI=.60)(1)
Zvjozdny Malchik Dom Totem
02 Jun 1991 RKF0002071 s
RKF0015262 s
Domtotem Kalinka Malinka
01 Dec 2003
RKF1494682 s, Callname=Lina, Parent_of=Cardiac(Normal)[OFA](1), Dentition(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](3), Hips(LDI=.44; RDI=.60)(1)
Martina's Rubi De Bohemia
01 May 2001 FIN32630/01 w
RKF0015262 s
Karbits My Girl From Rosemel
31 Aug 2005
PR070579/01 bl, Callname=Maya, Tested_Clear=PRA[OFA] , Test_Results=DLA(1:26), Hips(Good)[OFA], LCP(Normal)[OFA] , Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](3), Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](2), Hips(LDI=.36; RDI=.37)[OFA](1), Hips(Prelim Good)[OFA](1), LCP(Normal)[OFA](1)
Asterix von Ziethnereck (German klein)
10 Dec 1998
ZDP 11215 b, Callname=Asterix, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](2), LCP(Normal)[OFA](1)
Fratz Lord von Hefrajaro (mini)
12 Jun 1997 DPZ 145172 b
Inka von Ziethnereck (German klein)
23 May 1996 ZDP 9472 b
Rosemel's Romance In Sliver
11 Apr 2002
PR005820/01 s, Test_Results=Hips(Good)[OFA] , Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](1), LCP(Normal)[OFA](1) , Sibling_with=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1)
Bibelot's Romance In Paris
08 Apr 1994 PP448725/01 CG159092 s, Callname=Paris, Parent_of=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](3), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](6) , Sibling_with=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1)
Tudorose Romance In Poet
20 Oct 1998 PP574371/03 bl, Parent_of=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Gaushof's Sol Rising In The Shyre
10 Feb 2010
PR140520/07 r, Callname=Sol, Test_Results=DLA(1:1), Hips(Fair)[OFA], VGL-DLA(1001:2001/1001:2001), VGL-STR(IR=0.06/OI=0.24) , Sibling_with=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](3), Hips(Fair)[OFA](2)
Gaushofs Red Flaming Dragon
25 Jul 2008
PR120164/03 r, Callname=Dragon, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](4), Hips(Fair)[OFA](4), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Shammy Naduah's Red Butler
29 Jul 2006
PR088172/02 r, Callname=Butler, Parent_of=Hips(Prelim Excellent)[OFA](1)
Gabesway Fabulous Fabian
14 Apr 2004 PR040750/07 r
Shammys Autumn
14 Aug 2003 PR032913/02 r
Shammy Winddancer's Crimson
31 Dec 2005
PR079482/07 r, Callname=Crimson
Gabesway Flaming Dragon
11 May 2003 PR019786/04 r, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1)
Shammys Autumn
14 Aug 2003 PR032913/02 r
Gaushofs Ruby Red Fergie
15 Oct 2008
PR123380/04 r, Callname=Fergie, Test_Results=Elbows(Normal)[OFA], Hips(Excellent)[OFA] , Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](3), Hips(Fair)[OFA](3)
Gaushof's Red Rebel Spirit
10 Jan 2007
PR095576/08 r, Callname=Spirit, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](2), Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Leke Flamin Kokopelli Dancer
26 Jun 2004 PR047494/10 r, Callname=Tigger, Parent_of=Dentition(Normal)[OFA](1), Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](5), Hips(Prelim Excellent)[OFA](1)
Shammy Winddancer's Crimson
31 Dec 2005 PR079482/07 r, Callname=Crimson
Gaushof's Musical Mozart
01 Sep 2007
PR107070/06 r, Callname=Mozart, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1)
Gemstones Robust Red Barron
04 Mar 2006 PR079279/08 r
Shammy Sassy Sissi Of Gaushof
14 Oct 2006 PR098610/01 a, Callname=Sassy, Test_Results=Elbows(Normal)[OFA]
Shyre's A Long Road To Bree
24 Sep 2010
PR147114/05 br&w, Callname=Bree, Test_Results=Elbows(Normal)[OFA], Hips(Good)[OFA], VGL-DLA(1016:2014/1016:2014), VGL-STR(IR=0.06/OI=0.23) , Sibling_with=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Kit-Sue's Magnum
07 Feb 2008
PR118599/01 br&w, Callname=Magnum, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](3), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](3), Hips(Prelim Excellent)[OFA](1)
Kit-Sue's Wedge The Wedginator
28 Apr 2005
PR064326/04 sb, Callname=Wedge, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](1) , Sibling_with=Hips(Prelim Good)[OFA](1)
Smith's Mo Bandy
21 Jul 2003
PR027844/06 b&w, Callname=Mo Bandy, Parent_of=Hips(Prelim Good)[OFA](1)
Umscheid Blue Boy Out Party
12 Dec 2001 PP661635/03 bl
Umscheid Wiskaway D-Party
15 Dec 2001 PP661636/03 w, Sibling_with=Bloat, Elbows(Normal)[OFA](2), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Smith's Candice Beb Bee
29 Nov 2003
PR033102/02 b&a, Parent_of=Hips(Prelim Good)[OFA](1) , Sibling_with=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1)
Kit-Sue's Noah N Stripes
30 Jan 2003 PR013974/05 b&s, Test_Results=Hips(Fair)[OFA] , Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](2), Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](2), Hips(Preliminary Good)[OFA](1)
Kit-Sue's Belly Button
06 May 2002 PR003821/01 b, Callname=Belle, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](4) , Sibling_with=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Kit-Sue's Covely Phoenix
10 Jun 2004
PR044391/11 b&w, Sibling_with=Hips(Good)[OFA](2)
Kit-Sue's Breaking Ground
22 Nov 2002
PP671195/02 br, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](4) , Sibling_with=Hips(Fair)[OFA](1)
Rusty Dog
16 Feb 2001 PP640267/09 b, Parent_of=Hips(Fair)[OFA](1)
Sal's She's Lucy Red
25 Dec 2000 PP636581/02 r, Parent_of=Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Rocking Y's Diamond In The Rough
05 Oct 2001
PP660346/11 b, Parent_of=AIHA, Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](2), Hips(HD-Mild)[OFA](1) , Sibling_with=Hips(Good)[OFA](2)
Pioneer's Texas Size Spot
30 Sep 2000 PP631807/03 w&s, Callname=Spot, Test_Results=Hips(Good)[OFA] , Parent_of=AIHA, Hips(Good)[OFA](5) , Sibling_with=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Chocolate Fantasia
06 May 2000 PP623056/07 br, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](2)
Athena Ceres' Gracious Goddess
30 Jun 2008
PR123969/03 br&w, Callname=Athena, Tested_Clear=NE, VWD , Test_Results=Hips(Good)[OFA] , Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](2), Hips(Good)[OFA](2)
Zeus's Struttin His Stuff
14 Sep 2006
PR092222/05 br, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Hunter's Jerico
11 Jan 2004
PR037261/05 br
Kit-Sue's Studly Dd Right
14 Sep 2002 PR009192/02 br&w, Parent_of=AIHA, Hips(Good)[OFA](3) , Sibling_with=Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](2)
Kit-Sue's Bran-Dee-Lite
07 Jun 1999 PP590584/08 br, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Kit-Sue's Choclate Chick-C.C
08 Jun 1999
PP590430/08 br
Mercy's Peckerwood Majestic
12 Jun 1996 PP489009/03 cr
Cheyanne's Koko
18 Feb 1998 PP546406/01 b, Sibling_with=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Desiree's Sweet Success
24 Feb 2007
PR100585/04 w, Test_Results=Hips(Fair)[OFA] , Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](1) , Sibling_with=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1)
Classic Koch Chubby Checkers
19 Mar 2001
PP649097/04 b&w, Callname=Checkers, Tested_Clear=VWD[OFA] , Test_Results=Elbows(Normal)[OFA], Hips(Good)[OFA], LCP(Normal)[OFA] , Parent_of=Dental - Enamel Hypoplasia, Elbows(Normal)[OFA](3), Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](4), Hips(Good)[OFA](8), Hips(Preliminary Good)[OFA](1) , Sibling_with=Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Shelzar's Wild Card
01 May 1996 PP487331/01 b, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](2), LCP(Normal)[OFA](1)
Shelzar Kochs Abigial
02 May 1998 PP554424/01 w, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](2), LCP(Normal)[OFA](1)
Cherdons Parti'n S'more
10 Apr 2004
PR039114/06 br&w, Callname=S'more, Test_Results=Hips(Fair)[OFA] , Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](2) , Sibling_with=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Rudy Valentino XI
05 Jul 1994 PP417732/04 br, Parent_of=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](2), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Lovely Rita
14 Apr 1996 PP482034/04 br, Parent_of=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](2), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
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